Sunday, 02. October 2022 - 8 pm:

Evening concert with Dirkjan Ranzijn and Ady Zehnpfennig

DirkJan Ranzijn is without question one of the busiest organists in Europe. With regular television appearances in his native Netherlands and in Denmark, extensive concert tours in England and on the continent, as well as numerous CD productions, DirkJan inspires a steadily growing fan community. In 2022, DirkJan can once again be heard on the concert stage of the TASTENFESTIVAL. 

Ady Zehnpfennig is an icon of the pop-organ era and to this day also a sought-after producer. Like only a few, he succeeds in creating imaginative arrangements that always catch the ear and a perfectly tuned sound that testifies to the great musical and technical expertise of this artist. The chance to see Ady live again this year at the TASTENFESTIVAL is not to be missed!